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The War of the Lance!
…more or less

For more years than I care to admit, I have wanted to GM a War of the Lance campaign. Back in Jr. High I managed to collect all the original AD&D modules to the original DragonLance campaign, but never had an opportunity to play it.

Now that I’m.. no longer in Jr. High, I’ve been given a chance to run the campaign with 3.5 rules. Fun!

Most of my players had never played D&D before, and started it with some trepidation and tongue-in-cheek approach to their characters. But, I figured, if I do a good job and can get past a midget-elf-wizard named Beyonce, and get them into it, then all will work out.

So begins my War of the Lance. We started characters at level 2 and a little pre-module action to get them to learn the rules. The characters are custom, the setting slightly adjusted, but that is all for goodness, because we’re all having fun!

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