War of the Lance

We were just lost, honest!

Day 58 continued…

Jador winds up noticing that the Inn is almost never visited by locals, and is now almost full up with these ‘non-locals’. He strikes up conversation with one, and determines that it seems this Inn is full of some kind of small contingent of soldiers.
They also learn a little about the town…
It used to be prosperous port town before the Cataclysm. However, that caused the ocrean waters to recede things 60 miles to the west, and now it is a shell of what is once was.
The town still blames the Knights of Solamnia for the Cataclysm, they USED to be the defenders and patrons of Tarsis.
Now the town is all anti-outsider. People on the street blame everyone in the ‘north’ and the ‘Knights’ for their current state of affairs.
The draconians showed up about a month ago. One is all “in” with the governor and more and more patrols of them have been arriving regularly.
The one Knight Jador talked to seemed to become friendly enough, but couldn’t talk about what he was doing here. Said he’s talk to his commander when he returns.

Beyonce and Tika get invisible, and use dimension door to poke around the city hall.
They eventually pop into the Mayor’s office, where they see he has some new kind of draconian advisor, with golden-scaly skin.
The advisor looks up and clearly notices Beyonce and Tika’s entrance, even though they are invisible. He motions for the guards.
Beyonce and Tika beat and hasty retreat, and then beat another hasty retreat away from the City Hall with Bellana and Ri.
Then they head back to the Inn.

Everyone meets up and chats and shares what they learned. Then they head back down the Inn to watch and see.

Eventually (after a few hours), a very large and a small-ish set of people enter the Inn and confer with ‘Aran’ the guy that Jador had talked to. They do a small conference with some glancing and pointing over in Jador’s direction.

Before the group can head over and talk to the party, a set of guards enter the Inn. Quickly, the large man and the bartender of the Inn move to talk with the guards.
The guards do a good scan of the room, and wind up seeing and pointing out Beyonce and Jador and Elistan to the big guy and the Innkeeper.

The party notices some money changing hands, the guards looking placated and leaving the Inn.

The Big guy, and small guy comes over with Aran to talk to the party.

The Small one introduces herself as Alhana, reveals herself to be an Elf. Accuses Beyonce of stirring up a hornet’s nest and asks if they can speak to them all someplace a little more out of the way.

Long story short…

Alhana Starbreeze is a Silvanesti elven princess. She came to Tarsis seeking aid for her people who are beseiged by the dragon armies. She was not having much luck here… especially with the Governor’s advisor being a draconian.

The big guy is Derek Crownguard, Knight of Solamnia. Aran is his second.
He is down here from Palanthas on a quest, with a contingent of Knights. He is searching after a rumor of a weapon of some sort that can be used against the dragon armies that are besigning the north, Solamnia, and pushing the knights steadily back.

He arrived only a week ago and managed to run into Alhana in this Inn. His men had been out scouting for information about a library that is supposed to be in this town, but people here don’t really like talking to Knights. In the mean time, he had been in discussions with Alhana about what could possibly be done to help her once his mission is over. He has, however, just gotten word of the section of town that the library is supposed to be in and wants to go investigate.

Alhana claims this is fate that brought the party here. That they could potentially be of great help to her. She suggests that Beyonce, Tika, Ri and Jador stay here and talk with her about this.

Derek and Aran ask that Elistan, Gilthanis and Bellana come with them to investigate the library. They may be able to read some things that they can’t, being elves and from different backgrounds.

Derek seems very off-put that Elistan is claiming to be a cleric of Paladine. Seems very dubious.

On the way to the library, they are beset by a patrol of draconians and hobgoblins looking for trouble with their human captain.

Derek is given a demonstration of the healing abilities of Elistan and seems.. surprised. Aran is suprised too, but less hostile about it than Derek.

The human captain, killed by Bellana, falls to the ground.. taking on the appearance of Bellalana!

After the battle, soem old guy shows up and leads them into the alley, saying he KNOWS they are looking for the library and that its over here. The alley leads to a dead end.

As the party searches for a secret door, the man wanders away.

The party finds the door, and goes into the library.

The library is several meters underground, and they find a archivist of some sort down there. After some introductions, Lillith seems friendly enough and helps them track down what information can be found about a artifact to help kill dragons.

She turns up a few records that seem to relate, after about 4 hours of searching. And she calls over ‘Frylock’ a red-robed wizard, saying that what she founds seems to be related to what HE is looking for too.

Records/rumors/information seems to indicate that in the age of dreams, the Wizards of high sorcery created 5 dragon orbs to help fight against the evil dragons. Most are lost to history, but the last one was located int he Tower of Wayreth up until right after the cataclysm when it was apparently stolen by a rogue elven wizard named ‘Feal-Thas’ who fled south with it, possibly towards the Ice Wall glacier.

To bck that up, there is a more revcent accounting (20 years old), of some kind of wizard battle in Tarsis, where the wizards were fighting over some kind of ‘magic orb’. Feal-thas was the victor, (no one got the name of the other guy from his spatter), and he fled south after the battle towards the ice-wall glacier.

Lillith gives the party a rought map of the area including a general indication of how to head south towards Ice-Wall.

The party also managed to find a couple scrolls while researching, both Arcane and Divine, and Lillith lets them keep them.

Frylock is apparently on a mission from the tower to track down and ‘deal with’ the renegade wizard Feal-thas.

Their paths crossed, the party and Frylock agree to travel together, at least for now, since their missions seems related.

As they exit the library, now going on dusk, the find the city in complete chaos. People running and fleeing everywhere, Smoke columns rising in the distance from scattered locations in the city.

Going is slow, but on their way back, a gargantuan blue dragon, with dragon highlord rider wings over the town and alights on the highest tower, overlooking the city with disdain.

The party arrives back at the Inn just in time to see it utterly destroyed by the repeated lightning breaths of 4 large dragons. Who, after leveling the Inn, all wing over in formation and start chasing something in the distance.

Frylock can make out that the dragons and trying to chase after a group of gryphons who seem to be bearing riders. Its hard to make out.

Its getting late, but with little choice, and seemingly no point of sticking around the beseiged city, they try to make their way out of the gates with the throng of refugees.

On the way out, they rescue an old man and his wife, who were just trying to lead their cart and ox out of town, but were jumped by a gang of oppotunistic thugs.

They stick with the old man and his wife until they get close to the city gates, where they hear and old woman crying for help in an alley, getting beat up on by a ground of teenagers.

Bellalana, Derek and Aran go to save the woman, Githanis, Elistan and Frylock sticking with the old couple and the cart.

The princess and the knights are ambushed, the kids running off and some assassins coming out of the shadows to kill them. Gilthanis notices this just before the cart moves them out of earshot and the party rushes back to assist. The assassins are all killed.

By this time, the old couple have moved out of sight exiting the city.

Though late, and getting cold, the party leaves town headng east, and travels for about 3 miles, before settling down for the night with another group of refugees who actually have a fire.

Firewood is not easily found in the cold desert plains at night, and it is cold enough that without a fire or warm weather gear, death from exposure (and clearly no rest) is the only other option.

Day 59

In the morning, they part ways with the people they camped with. Elistan starts protecting the 6 members of the party with “Endure Elements” and they start making their long journey south.

Along they way, they catch up with the old man and woman with the cart and travel wth them the rest of the day.

And the of the day, the old man gives them some advise about taking the path of the white bear, and saying those they aid will likly aid them in return. His wife bats him about the head and asks him WTF he’s talking about.

Day 60

The old couple turn off the road and start traveling east. The party continues on the south road.

On the way, they spot a group of griffons, flying in the air apparently hunting for food.

Frylock and Bellalana talk the griffons into helping them, and they fly the part a few hundred miles south to just outside a town called “Zeliak”, at the foot of the Icewall Glacier. Landing about a 1/2 mile out of town as sunset is approaching…



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