War of the Lance


still day 61

  • Derek holds trial, and finds Frylock guilty of at least assault.
  • Frylock confesses.. says it was a good spell, though, not mean.
  • Elistan and Bellanna talk Derek into waiting until morning to do punishment so that a zone of truth can be used.

DAY 62

  • Zone of truth reveals it was a nice spell
  • Derek gives back stuff, says he is still guilty of assualt and will be dealt with when they return to civilization
  • Polar bear follows them around, prevents them from stepping into a crevasse
  • They find a broken ice ship, polar bear warns of them of the danger inside
  • 7 Thanoi (walrus men) hop out of the wrecked ship and fight to the death. One had a really cool Ice Axe that is given to Bellalana to use.
  • Storm clouds are rolling in
  • Party camps in the broken ice boat

DAY 63-64-65

  • Party camps in the broken ship for 3 days while the blizzard blows itself out
  • Frylock copies some scrolls into his spellbook.

DAY 66

  • When they leave the ship, another iceboat with icefolk show up, chat and take them back to their camp
  • Everyone makes friends
  • Derek talks about a ‘Whitestone Council’ forming the isle Sancrist. They are meeting to form a cogent defense against the Dragonarmies. That is where he intends to go, with or without the dragon orb.
  • Haarald(IceFolk leader) says that there are some boats, frozen in the ice, that they may be able to break out and use over at Ice Mountain bay to the west. He hasn’t looked at them closely though.
  • Elistan teaches their ‘Cleric’ Raggart about the true gods.
  • Gilthanis wants to learn how they walk so easily in the snow.. Haarald says it would take at least a week to learn.

DAY 67

  • Next day, the camp gets attacked by a large army of 200 Minotaurs and 500 Thanoi. The Wind has completely stopped, so the icefolk can’t use their boats to escape.
  • Party agrees to help hold back the forces from the boats until the wind picks up, along with Haarald’s 100 or so warriors.
  • Party effectively holds back the first assault on their part of the wall.
  • Party fails to stop a flank attack from the south which sets fire to 2 of the boats.
  • A white dragon makes a pass overhead, panicing most of the icefokl warriors, uses its ice breath to kill all the warriors still on the wall and then wings off. Its rider apparently content with that contribution.
  • Just then, a small breeze starts to pick up
  • 2 large thuds bang against the icewall near the party, as a new set of forces crests the wall.
  • The party will have to hold these off as the rest of the icefolk warriors get into the boats and the wind gives them enough momentum to escape.



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