War of the Lance

I mourn for Kharas, again

Day 31 (continues)

Battle rages, and eventually Edwardinaard is apparently abandoned by his godesss.
The party manages victory, defeating Edwardinaard and the bare remnants his forces retreat.
Frobinious, and Tika are down and bleeding by the end, but are healed.
Arman Kharas dies, having fought valiently.

The heros heal up, and Hornfel and a contingent of Hylar arrive, claim the hammer and the throne of the dwarves and exters power of the Daegar and Theiwar to stop being complete assholes.

Day 32

Elistan contacts the party via sending. The chat a little both ways and tell Elistan we won and they should come to Thorbardin.
(good thing too, one more day and it would have been dead refugees. The party doens’t know that, though)

Day 33 (the refugees arrives, Arman kharas is laid to rest)

The party spends the next 3 weeks healing, training, celebrating, mourning, shopping and planning what to do next.

Day 54

Frobinious stays behind in Thorbardin.
Jacob departs, to go do Druidy things. Too many people around here for him.
The Jador, Beyonce, Ri, Tika, Elista, Gilthanis, and Bellalana decide (after much council) to head south to the old port and trade city of Tarsis. Maybe they will be able to find ships down there that will be able to move the refugees to an evne more secure location.

Day 56

2 days travel south on their fancy horse statue things, and the party gets to Tarsis. Really big city.. but not many people.
They get in late at night, and manage to find only one Inn (the Inn of the Red Dragon) that will take them in. The city doesn’t seem to be overly welcomeing to strangers. People seem nervous, and on edge.
Jador meets a nice friendly Kender bard in the inn, and they form a fast friendship.

Day 57

The party goes to try to see the governor.
On the way, they are shocked to see that in addition to regular Tarsinian guard patrols, there are small patrols of draconians in the street.
They seem to be mostly trying to be unobtrusive, but they are still clearly draconians.
They get to City Hall and find that its beauocracy is less than welcoming. They fail to get in to see the Governor..
Tika tries to sneak in but can’t get past the guards.
BUT, they hatch a plan to come back tomorrow.

Day 58

Ri, Bellalana, Tika and Ri go off to try to sneak in to see the Governor armed with some Dimension Door spells.
Jador, his pet kender, Elistan and Gilthanis hang out at the Inn of the Red Dragon

To be continued…



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