War of the Lance

Ember burns out

(super brief)

Day 30

Party tries to kill ember and gets its ass handed to it.
Yacht throws the hammer at the dragon, it does minimal damage.
Yacht gets totally burnt to ashes by the dragon when he tries to retrieve the hammer.
party retreats back into the tomb

Day 31

Party manages to kill Ember (hooray)
The gold dragon gives everyone stone horse statues that they use to get away.
They retreat into Daegar space, away from the oncoming armies
On the way, they find Eben in a prison along with guy whos been in prison a REALLY long time with a glowing green gem in his chest.
They rescue Eben who says he thinks he can lead them out.
Eben leads them into a trap and it is revealed that he is a traitor
Hundreds of Daegar and Theiwar dwarves surround and capture the party.
Edwardinaard walks in with a cadre of draconians of ogres and gloats.. and gets into an arguement with Rance, the Daegar leader.
The Theiwar think its funny, the Daegar do not.
The Hammer is taken from the party, and used by Rance to attack Edwardinaard.
Edwardinaard ‘Holds’ Rance, orders Eben to kill him.
Pandemonium ensues and the Theiwar and Daegar start fighting each other.
The party breaks free from its captors.
Edwardinaard summons a fireshadow and figures it can take care of the party, orders his men to stay back.
Beyonce splatters Eben with a maximized sound lance

The battle is to be continued….



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