War of the Lance

Up the Ice Wall

Day 67

  • Finish battle, big bad minotaur Ronox runs away.
  • Run away with ice folk
  • They give you an ice boat and directions to the castle

Day 68

  • Sail to bottom of ice wall under castle

Day 69

  • Cast spider climb on everyone
  • start walking up 1000 ft cliff
  • avalanche reveals cave
  • Find a frozen gold dragon with Solamnic Knight rider
  • He is wielding a broken Dragonlance
  • Unfreeze the guy enough to take the lance
  • Continue up to the castle, break into a store room
  • Enter courtyard, fight Ronox, 2 of her minotaur lieutenants, and a few thanoi

to be continued…


still day 61

  • Derek holds trial, and finds Frylock guilty of at least assault.
  • Frylock confesses.. says it was a good spell, though, not mean.
  • Elistan and Bellanna talk Derek into waiting until morning to do punishment so that a zone of truth can be used.

DAY 62

  • Zone of truth reveals it was a nice spell
  • Derek gives back stuff, says he is still guilty of assualt and will be dealt with when they return to civilization
  • Polar bear follows them around, prevents them from stepping into a crevasse
  • They find a broken ice ship, polar bear warns of them of the danger inside
  • 7 Thanoi (walrus men) hop out of the wrecked ship and fight to the death. One had a really cool Ice Axe that is given to Bellalana to use.
  • Storm clouds are rolling in
  • Party camps in the broken ice boat

DAY 63-64-65

  • Party camps in the broken ship for 3 days while the blizzard blows itself out
  • Frylock copies some scrolls into his spellbook.

DAY 66

  • When they leave the ship, another iceboat with icefolk show up, chat and take them back to their camp
  • Everyone makes friends
  • Derek talks about a ‘Whitestone Council’ forming the isle Sancrist. They are meeting to form a cogent defense against the Dragonarmies. That is where he intends to go, with or without the dragon orb.
  • Haarald(IceFolk leader) says that there are some boats, frozen in the ice, that they may be able to break out and use over at Ice Mountain bay to the west. He hasn’t looked at them closely though.
  • Elistan teaches their ‘Cleric’ Raggart about the true gods.
  • Gilthanis wants to learn how they walk so easily in the snow.. Haarald says it would take at least a week to learn.

DAY 67

  • Next day, the camp gets attacked by a large army of 200 Minotaurs and 500 Thanoi. The Wind has completely stopped, so the icefolk can’t use their boats to escape.
  • Party agrees to help hold back the forces from the boats until the wind picks up, along with Haarald’s 100 or so warriors.
  • Party effectively holds back the first assault on their part of the wall.
  • Party fails to stop a flank attack from the south which sets fire to 2 of the boats.
  • A white dragon makes a pass overhead, panicing most of the icefokl warriors, uses its ice breath to kill all the warriors still on the wall and then wings off. Its rider apparently content with that contribution.
  • Just then, a small breeze starts to pick up
  • 2 large thuds bang against the icewall near the party, as a new set of forces crests the wall.
  • The party will have to hold these off as the rest of the icefolk warriors get into the boats and the wind gives them enough momentum to escape.
Glacier Bound

Still Day 60

Big fight in Zeriak
Derek gets mad at Frylock killing innocents in fight
Guide to glacier provided by mayor

Day 61

Head to glacier
Fight on glacier against Minotaurs who are torturing a polar bear
Frylock tries to cast spell on Derek, after he says no.
Derek and his knights disarm, and confiscate the spellbook and spellcomponents of Frylock.
polarbear makes friends with party.

We were just lost, honest!

Day 58 continued…

Jador winds up noticing that the Inn is almost never visited by locals, and is now almost full up with these ‘non-locals’. He strikes up conversation with one, and determines that it seems this Inn is full of some kind of small contingent of soldiers.
They also learn a little about the town…
It used to be prosperous port town before the Cataclysm. However, that caused the ocrean waters to recede things 60 miles to the west, and now it is a shell of what is once was.
The town still blames the Knights of Solamnia for the Cataclysm, they USED to be the defenders and patrons of Tarsis.
Now the town is all anti-outsider. People on the street blame everyone in the ‘north’ and the ‘Knights’ for their current state of affairs.
The draconians showed up about a month ago. One is all “in” with the governor and more and more patrols of them have been arriving regularly.
The one Knight Jador talked to seemed to become friendly enough, but couldn’t talk about what he was doing here. Said he’s talk to his commander when he returns.

Beyonce and Tika get invisible, and use dimension door to poke around the city hall.
They eventually pop into the Mayor’s office, where they see he has some new kind of draconian advisor, with golden-scaly skin.
The advisor looks up and clearly notices Beyonce and Tika’s entrance, even though they are invisible. He motions for the guards.
Beyonce and Tika beat and hasty retreat, and then beat another hasty retreat away from the City Hall with Bellana and Ri.
Then they head back to the Inn.

Everyone meets up and chats and shares what they learned. Then they head back down the Inn to watch and see.

Eventually (after a few hours), a very large and a small-ish set of people enter the Inn and confer with ‘Aran’ the guy that Jador had talked to. They do a small conference with some glancing and pointing over in Jador’s direction.

Before the group can head over and talk to the party, a set of guards enter the Inn. Quickly, the large man and the bartender of the Inn move to talk with the guards.
The guards do a good scan of the room, and wind up seeing and pointing out Beyonce and Jador and Elistan to the big guy and the Innkeeper.

The party notices some money changing hands, the guards looking placated and leaving the Inn.

The Big guy, and small guy comes over with Aran to talk to the party.

The Small one introduces herself as Alhana, reveals herself to be an Elf. Accuses Beyonce of stirring up a hornet’s nest and asks if they can speak to them all someplace a little more out of the way.

Long story short…

Alhana Starbreeze is a Silvanesti elven princess. She came to Tarsis seeking aid for her people who are beseiged by the dragon armies. She was not having much luck here… especially with the Governor’s advisor being a draconian.

The big guy is Derek Crownguard, Knight of Solamnia. Aran is his second.
He is down here from Palanthas on a quest, with a contingent of Knights. He is searching after a rumor of a weapon of some sort that can be used against the dragon armies that are besigning the north, Solamnia, and pushing the knights steadily back.

He arrived only a week ago and managed to run into Alhana in this Inn. His men had been out scouting for information about a library that is supposed to be in this town, but people here don’t really like talking to Knights. In the mean time, he had been in discussions with Alhana about what could possibly be done to help her once his mission is over. He has, however, just gotten word of the section of town that the library is supposed to be in and wants to go investigate.

Alhana claims this is fate that brought the party here. That they could potentially be of great help to her. She suggests that Beyonce, Tika, Ri and Jador stay here and talk with her about this.

Derek and Aran ask that Elistan, Gilthanis and Bellana come with them to investigate the library. They may be able to read some things that they can’t, being elves and from different backgrounds.

Derek seems very off-put that Elistan is claiming to be a cleric of Paladine. Seems very dubious.

On the way to the library, they are beset by a patrol of draconians and hobgoblins looking for trouble with their human captain.

Derek is given a demonstration of the healing abilities of Elistan and seems.. surprised. Aran is suprised too, but less hostile about it than Derek.

The human captain, killed by Bellana, falls to the ground.. taking on the appearance of Bellalana!

After the battle, soem old guy shows up and leads them into the alley, saying he KNOWS they are looking for the library and that its over here. The alley leads to a dead end.

As the party searches for a secret door, the man wanders away.

The party finds the door, and goes into the library.

The library is several meters underground, and they find a archivist of some sort down there. After some introductions, Lillith seems friendly enough and helps them track down what information can be found about a artifact to help kill dragons.

She turns up a few records that seem to relate, after about 4 hours of searching. And she calls over ‘Frylock’ a red-robed wizard, saying that what she founds seems to be related to what HE is looking for too.

Records/rumors/information seems to indicate that in the age of dreams, the Wizards of high sorcery created 5 dragon orbs to help fight against the evil dragons. Most are lost to history, but the last one was located int he Tower of Wayreth up until right after the cataclysm when it was apparently stolen by a rogue elven wizard named ‘Feal-Thas’ who fled south with it, possibly towards the Ice Wall glacier.

To bck that up, there is a more revcent accounting (20 years old), of some kind of wizard battle in Tarsis, where the wizards were fighting over some kind of ‘magic orb’. Feal-thas was the victor, (no one got the name of the other guy from his spatter), and he fled south after the battle towards the ice-wall glacier.

Lillith gives the party a rought map of the area including a general indication of how to head south towards Ice-Wall.

The party also managed to find a couple scrolls while researching, both Arcane and Divine, and Lillith lets them keep them.

Frylock is apparently on a mission from the tower to track down and ‘deal with’ the renegade wizard Feal-thas.

Their paths crossed, the party and Frylock agree to travel together, at least for now, since their missions seems related.

As they exit the library, now going on dusk, the find the city in complete chaos. People running and fleeing everywhere, Smoke columns rising in the distance from scattered locations in the city.

Going is slow, but on their way back, a gargantuan blue dragon, with dragon highlord rider wings over the town and alights on the highest tower, overlooking the city with disdain.

The party arrives back at the Inn just in time to see it utterly destroyed by the repeated lightning breaths of 4 large dragons. Who, after leveling the Inn, all wing over in formation and start chasing something in the distance.

Frylock can make out that the dragons and trying to chase after a group of gryphons who seem to be bearing riders. Its hard to make out.

Its getting late, but with little choice, and seemingly no point of sticking around the beseiged city, they try to make their way out of the gates with the throng of refugees.

On the way out, they rescue an old man and his wife, who were just trying to lead their cart and ox out of town, but were jumped by a gang of oppotunistic thugs.

They stick with the old man and his wife until they get close to the city gates, where they hear and old woman crying for help in an alley, getting beat up on by a ground of teenagers.

Bellalana, Derek and Aran go to save the woman, Githanis, Elistan and Frylock sticking with the old couple and the cart.

The princess and the knights are ambushed, the kids running off and some assassins coming out of the shadows to kill them. Gilthanis notices this just before the cart moves them out of earshot and the party rushes back to assist. The assassins are all killed.

By this time, the old couple have moved out of sight exiting the city.

Though late, and getting cold, the party leaves town headng east, and travels for about 3 miles, before settling down for the night with another group of refugees who actually have a fire.

Firewood is not easily found in the cold desert plains at night, and it is cold enough that without a fire or warm weather gear, death from exposure (and clearly no rest) is the only other option.

Day 59

In the morning, they part ways with the people they camped with. Elistan starts protecting the 6 members of the party with “Endure Elements” and they start making their long journey south.

Along they way, they catch up with the old man and woman with the cart and travel wth them the rest of the day.

And the of the day, the old man gives them some advise about taking the path of the white bear, and saying those they aid will likly aid them in return. His wife bats him about the head and asks him WTF he’s talking about.

Day 60

The old couple turn off the road and start traveling east. The party continues on the south road.

On the way, they spot a group of griffons, flying in the air apparently hunting for food.

Frylock and Bellalana talk the griffons into helping them, and they fly the part a few hundred miles south to just outside a town called “Zeliak”, at the foot of the Icewall Glacier. Landing about a 1/2 mile out of town as sunset is approaching…

I mourn for Kharas, again

Day 31 (continues)

Battle rages, and eventually Edwardinaard is apparently abandoned by his godesss.
The party manages victory, defeating Edwardinaard and the bare remnants his forces retreat.
Frobinious, and Tika are down and bleeding by the end, but are healed.
Arman Kharas dies, having fought valiently.

The heros heal up, and Hornfel and a contingent of Hylar arrive, claim the hammer and the throne of the dwarves and exters power of the Daegar and Theiwar to stop being complete assholes.

Day 32

Elistan contacts the party via sending. The chat a little both ways and tell Elistan we won and they should come to Thorbardin.
(good thing too, one more day and it would have been dead refugees. The party doens’t know that, though)

Day 33 (the refugees arrives, Arman kharas is laid to rest)

The party spends the next 3 weeks healing, training, celebrating, mourning, shopping and planning what to do next.

Day 54

Frobinious stays behind in Thorbardin.
Jacob departs, to go do Druidy things. Too many people around here for him.
The Jador, Beyonce, Ri, Tika, Elista, Gilthanis, and Bellalana decide (after much council) to head south to the old port and trade city of Tarsis. Maybe they will be able to find ships down there that will be able to move the refugees to an evne more secure location.

Day 56

2 days travel south on their fancy horse statue things, and the party gets to Tarsis. Really big city.. but not many people.
They get in late at night, and manage to find only one Inn (the Inn of the Red Dragon) that will take them in. The city doesn’t seem to be overly welcomeing to strangers. People seem nervous, and on edge.
Jador meets a nice friendly Kender bard in the inn, and they form a fast friendship.

Day 57

The party goes to try to see the governor.
On the way, they are shocked to see that in addition to regular Tarsinian guard patrols, there are small patrols of draconians in the street.
They seem to be mostly trying to be unobtrusive, but they are still clearly draconians.
They get to City Hall and find that its beauocracy is less than welcoming. They fail to get in to see the Governor..
Tika tries to sneak in but can’t get past the guards.
BUT, they hatch a plan to come back tomorrow.

Day 58

Ri, Bellalana, Tika and Ri go off to try to sneak in to see the Governor armed with some Dimension Door spells.
Jador, his pet kender, Elistan and Gilthanis hang out at the Inn of the Red Dragon

To be continued…

Ember burns out

(super brief)

Day 30

Party tries to kill ember and gets its ass handed to it.
Yacht throws the hammer at the dragon, it does minimal damage.
Yacht gets totally burnt to ashes by the dragon when he tries to retrieve the hammer.
party retreats back into the tomb

Day 31

Party manages to kill Ember (hooray)
The gold dragon gives everyone stone horse statues that they use to get away.
They retreat into Daegar space, away from the oncoming armies
On the way, they find Eben in a prison along with guy whos been in prison a REALLY long time with a glowing green gem in his chest.
They rescue Eben who says he thinks he can lead them out.
Eben leads them into a trap and it is revealed that he is a traitor
Hundreds of Daegar and Theiwar dwarves surround and capture the party.
Edwardinaard walks in with a cadre of draconians of ogres and gloats.. and gets into an arguement with Rance, the Daegar leader.
The Theiwar think its funny, the Daegar do not.
The Hammer is taken from the party, and used by Rance to attack Edwardinaard.
Edwardinaard ‘Holds’ Rance, orders Eben to kill him.
Pandemonium ensues and the Theiwar and Daegar start fighting each other.
The party breaks free from its captors.
Edwardinaard summons a fireshadow and figures it can take care of the party, orders his men to stay back.
Beyonce splatters Eben with a maximized sound lance

The battle is to be continued….

No love for Kharas

Day 10 continued (Since fleeing Pax Tharkas)

  • Continued the exploration of the tomb
  • Find an area with murals and paintings and other such trophies depicting the life King Duncan and his accomplishments
  • Frobinious starts stealing the murals off the walls
  • Arman confronts Fro, wondering what the hell is he doing? He snatches the murals out of Frobinious’ hands. You don’t need these things to help defeat the dragon army. And you were not even WITH these guys, why the hell are you stealing from the tomb?
  • Fro tries to re-take them back, but Arman proves stronger and succeeds in returning the murals to their place on the wall.
  • They come to another room that appears to be a shrine to the dwarven god ‘Reorx’. On top of the altar are a few magical items, including a scroll.
  • More interesting through is the dwarf with a long gray beard sleeping at the base of the altar.
  • Upon awaking, the dwarf introduces himself as ‘Kharas’, and says he doesn’t remember exactly how he got here. Last thing he seems to recall is entering the tomb to place Duncan’s body to rest and to secure the Hammer of Kharas for the next dwarven king.
  • He doesn’t know how he was put to sleep, or how he got here.
  • When he sees that Jador is wearing his armor, he asks for him to give it back to him. Jador reluctantly complies.
  • Frobinious decides to ‘question’ Kharas, and tries to slap him. He misses, and Kharas knocks Frobinious to the ground instead.
  • Jador quickly tries to play apologist for Frobinious, but Kharas will have nothing of it. He says, basically “Thanks for waking me up.. but I’m leaving now” and walks out of the room.
  • When the PC’s chase after him, he’s disappeared.
  • After a little more exploration, the party comes to a little room that opens into a giant 100ft wide shaft. It appears to extend up and down the entire length of the tomb (many hundreds of feet)
  • Their current level doesn’t appear to have a floor, but there is a ‘ladder’ on the other side that extends Up to a balcony level above them.
  • Below they can see some various forms of bridges at different levels below.
  • Way down below, (about 400ft) there appears to be some kind of netting.
  • Above them, affixed to the ‘roof’ of the shaft on a thin thread is a large hammer, acting as a kind of pendulum. It appears that it regular strikes some large metal bowls accounting for the ‘gongs’ that the party was hearing.
  • Jador carefully feels his way out of the platform and determines there is ‘once again’ some kind of invisible flooring.
  • He tries to just ‘ascend’ using his boots, but finds his way blocked by something when he goes up just a few feet.
  • Using his boots of levitation, he starts to float just above the floor and gently push his way out into the shaft. The rest of the party just sits there, doing nothing. Not even watching.
  • After Jador pushes his way out a bit, he gets clobbered by some kind of invisible swinging log, which shoves him off the platform.
  • He recovers quickly, using his boots, and decides to start crawling belly down on the flooring to avoid any future traps like that.
  • He eventually makes his way over to the ladder, climbs up and reaches the balcony.
  • He sees that the balcony goes all the way around the shaft, and that on the east there is an entrance to a small room.
  • After working his way over to the eastern-ish end of where the pendulum is swinging, he moves off the balcony and eventually works his way over and up (around some barriers) to where the pendulum-hammer is, and catches it. He snaps it off its string, and heads back up to the balcony.
  • He calls out to the party to let them know he got the hammer.
  • Before heading back down, he goes and checks out the room.
  • On the floor he finds a dwarven skeleton (not undead), with a ring bearing the crest of Kharas on it.
  • As Jador is taking the ring, “Kharas” steps out of the shadows.
  • Jador and Kharas chat, the party is not aware of this conversation. “Kharas” explains that he is not the ‘real’ Kharas, this skeleton is. He is the Guardian of the Tomb.
  • The real Kharas was killed by a scorpion bite, as he was paying last respects to Duncan. He even shows Jador the Scorpion shell under the ‘foot’ of the skeleton. It was a most ignoble death for a dwarven hero.
  • He also shows Jador that he is not a spirit, but flesh and blood by allowing Jador to touch him.
  • Jador thanks the spirit and heads back to the party, using his boots to float down to them.
  • “Kharas” follows Jador, descending in the same manner.
  • There is a little bit of confusion as to why “Kharas” is now following Jador and the party. “Kharas” doesn’t relay his intention, but just starting following them and no one tries to stop him.
  • The party continues exploring, and then find themselves heading to the ‘outside’ of the tomb, near where the ‘colored crystal’ tower was.
  • This time, however, then find a gargantuan red dragon awaiting them, perched on the ledge of the balcony.
  • “Kharas” moves to the front of the party and confronts the red dragon “Ember”, asking him if he wants to die.
  • Ember derisively goads Kharas, gloating that he cannot do anything. The Oath binds him stronger than even the threat of a “dragonlance”
  • Yacht notices that Ember looks like he is pretty beat up, as if still recovering from a pretty nasty fight.
  • Ember accuses Kharas of just being a toothless fool, who even hides behind the form of the mortals he now hangs around with. He dares/guilts Kharas to reveal himself fully.
  • Kharas steps away, and transforms into a gargantuan Gold Dragon in front of the party.
  • Kharas says that Ember is right, he cannot help them against Ember.
  • Ember ‘grins’ and upon declaring that little matter settled, takes to the air and attacks the party.
  • The party beats a hasty retreat, managing to get back inside the tomb, but not before some party members are burnt very badly by the fire breath of Ember.
  • Jacob also takes a pot-shot at the dragon with his cross bow before he retreats.
  • Ember roars and taunts the party as they retreats inside.
  • As the party is licking its wounds, ‘Kharas’ walks back inside joining them back in his dwarf form, not looking very happy.
  • Jador, upset, tries to slap ‘Kharas’ and misses.
  • “Kharas” says to Jador something along the lines of “I guess its not just the dwarf who is undiplomatic” and disappears
  • The party heals up a little bit more and decides to explore to find a way out of the tomb, knowing that the red dragon is circling the tomb, watching for them.
  • At one point, Jador casts a number of protective spells on himself and tries to reach a tower on one of the platforms gutting out from the tomb.
  • Ember arrives shortly afterwards, and Jador, finding the door locked, beats a hasty retreat back into the tower after Ember tries to incinerate him with his breath weapon and a fireball spell.
  • Jador leads the exploration of some lower levels of the shaft, where he finds a ‘see saw’ ladder bridge leading to a stinking-cloud hallway.
  • A hall of mirrors
  • A banquet hall where, even though everything smells delicious, the food is actually made of precious metals and gems.
  • Frobinious decides to start packing ‘food’ into his Haversack while the party explores. He gets about 4.9k steel worth.
  • Beyonce finds some spectacles that allow her to read other languages, including magical scrolls. Though not to cast magic off them. This allows Jador to read the previously discovered scroll from the Reorx shrine and learn about a new spell.
  • A room with a fountain and has a door to the outside (which is avoided)
  • Trying to descend to the lower level results in a bit of chaos, as boots of levitation don’t do so well against the ‘Gust of Wind’ spell.
  • Eventually, Beyonce, Yacht and Frobinious descend to rescue Jador.
  • Frobinious, aided by an invisibility spell, does a little bit of exploration involving going outside on a balcony. Ember apparently does not see him while he is doing this.
  • Eventually, Beyonce uses Dimension Door to bring the group back together.
  • As they are discussing what they should do, Kharas appears again.
  • He informs them that Ember is apparently planning on waiting until they try to leave, and isn’t going away. That they are going to have to deal with him. His good news is he’s pretty sure Ember is still pretty hurt from some prior fight.
  • He also says he cannot directly help them.
  • Yacht starts to give Kharas a bit of crap and backtalk, even after Kharas implies that Yacht shouldn’t talk about things he doesn’t understand.
  • Kharas decides that he doesn’t need to hang around with a group of people who treat him like that, and leaves.
  • The party is left hanging out by the side of the giant shaft trying to figure out what to do, as the Dragon Ember circles overhead and the armies of the Dragon Highlord continue to press into the Valley of Thanes.
  • View
    Duncan's Tomb

    Day 10 (since fleeing Pax Tharkas)

    • A little after midnight, while sleeping near the shore of the lake and ex-statue of Grallen monument, the party is attacked by some Theiwar
    • Fortunatly, Yacht is on watch and hears them coming so they are not totally surprised.
    • Combat ensues, as some of the party (name Ri) have a hard time waking up.
    • The ‘leader’ of the Theiwar attack band, after taking a maximized Sound Lance from Beyonce to the chest is eviscerated from behind by another non-Theiwar dwarf wearing dark armor and wielding an impressive looking Urgrosh.
    • Enter Frobinious, Dwarven Fighter-Rogue-Enforcer-Slayer (CIA Agent)
    • After all the Theiwar are dead, the new dwarf introduces himself. He is ‘Frobinious’, of the Klar. His leader sent him to tail the party and make sure that those damned Theiwar or Daegar don’t do anything to stop you from retrieving the hammer.
    • Jador is not convinced, and doens’t trust the new guy. He stays up all night, becoming exhausted, because he is unwilling to sleep with that guy around.
    • In the morning, before praying for spells, he uses yesterday’s “Panacea” on himself to remove the exhaustion. :) (smart)
      NOTE: We have subsequently discovered this is against the rules and the Gods won’t let him re-use spell slots so rapidly in the future.
    • After some discussion, the party agrees to let Fro accompany them on a probationary basis.
    • The party walks over to the ruins on the other side of the lake.
    • The find a broken archway, and 9 of its broken rock pieces scattered around the ruins.
    • They put together the broken arch, finding that the pieces fuse into place as they reassemble it.
    • There is an inscription on the broken part of the arch, the last part of which is “I mourn for Kharas”
    • Once it is assembled, Fro reads the inscription, and the archway turned into a portal “Stargate”-style.
    • Fro and Arman walk through the portal, followed shortly by everyone else.
    • Everyone finds themselves at the base of a small tower, 30 feet across. And the mirror of the archway they walked through winks away in a flash of light as the last of them pass through it.
    • The room they are in has an exit doorway, and a trapdoor in the ceiling 30ft up, with no ladder.
    • Using a combination of sharing the boots of levitation, Tika’s failed lockpick, and Gilthanis ‘knock’ and ‘open’ spells, Jador eventually opens the trapdoor and flies up through it.
    • He finds himself on the outside of the floating tomb, on a tower on the lower levels of the tomb.
    • More interestingly, he has a good view of the valley.
    • He can see the tunnel they used to enter the valley miles to the N, as well as another tunnel
      that enters the valley in almost the same place.
    • He can see another tunnel entrance to the valley on the opposite side to the south.
    • More alarmingly, he can see that the tunnels to the north that they used to enter the valley now have a steady stream of draconian forces pouring out of them and into the valley.
    • Above the forces, flying over the mountain peaks towards the valley appear to be many ‘winged’ creatures that may be dragons.
    • He goes back down and tells the party what he saw.
    • They start exploring the tomb.
    • The find a room with lots of armor and weapons that animate as the party members discuss looking and looting any magical stuff.
    • Arman is talked out of his hard stance about not allowing the group to take any of these items int he tomb, but says it will look really bad for them when he father discovers they are plumdering the tomb.
    • The party gets really interested in a small box in the back of the room that has some small magic items in it (detected with detect magic)
    • The animated weapons and armor deliberatly move themselves between the party and the box.
    • They opt to come back and loot things later and keep exploring
    • Just short of an hour into their explorations, they hear a deep resounding ‘Gong’ echo througout the entire tomb. They hear it again every hour they are in the tomb.
    • beyond this room they find that the complex is entirely filled with an obscuring mist, that limits vision to only 5 feet. And that all stairwells are filled with cobwebs, which need to be burned away to allow for easy passage.
    • Beyonce tries using her infinite fire orbs to burn away the mist, both behind and in front but it is determined to be too slow and risky so they stop doing that.
    • Jador asks Beyonce if she knows that is causing all this mist and crap, and Beyonce thinks about it and determines it is probably a ‘Guards and Wards’ spell.
    • Now Jador and Gilthanis keep their hands on all the walls as they walk along the passage feeling for doors hidden behind illusary walls.
    • They happen upon a guard tower on an outcropping, inside of which are a couple of ballista.
    • Jacob has an crossbow-gasm firing a ballista out into nothingness.
    • They start marking the floor and walls with chalk at intersections, knowing that the Guards and wards will confuse their direction sense, in order to help them keep track of where they have gone.
    • They find an odd room with falling, apparently harmless, ice particles. It goes up at least to another level of the tomb, (Jador exploring quickly). The party stays on the bottom where they entered.
    • They go up a stairwell, despite a warning of the “DOOOM!” awaiting them at the top of the stiars.. the door was apparently some dancing lights.
    • The find an odd room that has lots of multi-colored crystals on the floor and apparently large multi-colored crystal windows at the top (obscured by the ever-present mist), that turns the whole room into a beautiful and serene light show, including pleasant crystal-chime sounds tinkling down from above.
    • From here, they find themselves on a path that skirts the outside of the tomb up and around to the ‘roof’ with 2 towers and a large ‘obelisk’ tower, a flag pole with a lance tip and a plaque, and a large hole the size of the falling ice room. The ‘ceiling’ in the ice room apparently being an illusion.
    • They explore the obelisk tower, and find a suit of platemail armor bearing the crest of Kharas, recognizable by the dwarves.
    • Despite a stern warning from Arman, Jador puts on the suit of armor. It is apparently he standard operating proceedure to wear whatever the latest suit of magical platmail armor they find, figuring it will be at least as good as what he is currently wearing.
    • When they exit the Obelisk to investigate the flag pole, they are best by an scouting party fo 4 wyverns.
    • One wyvern veers off, heading back towards the army and gets away.
    • Most of the party retreat back into the Obelisk.
    • Beyonce takes on Wyvern out with a maximized spell before also going into the tower.
    • They quickly realized they have trapped themselves inside the tower with 2 angry wyverns outside.
    • Beyonce is badly injured and poisoned, when she tries to exit the tower with Jador, even though she was invisible.
    • Frobinious is also mortally injured, and will likly soon die when he tries to exit the tower.
    • Beyonce retreats and manages to kill the 2 wyverns with a fireball as they try reaching in through the door and attacking the nearest party members through the doorway.
    • Jador uses 2 high level Panacea spells to cure the poisoned Beyonce and Fro before they die from the poison.
    • They go explore the flag pole and the plaque, discovering that the flagpole was not mounted to the floor of the roof, just balanced. Frobinious unbalances and topples it trying to pick it up by himself.
    • It is 16 feet long and will not fit in the bag of holding, to Jador’s dismay.
    • They go into one of the other towers, and discover a Wand of Ice Storms and a Flask of Greater Heroism hidden at the top of a tall fountain, balanced on a suspended piece of wood.
    • They give the wand to Gilthanis and the flask to Yacht and continue to explore.
    • By this time, they have heard the “Gong” 3 times.
    The Council of Thanes

    Day 7 (continued)

    • After they finish getting across the long bridge, the group is confronted by a small army of Theiwar (about 80 of them), come at them from the streets, the windows of the buildings, and the alley ways on all sides.
    • Arman orders everyone to ‘Run’ to the west
    • The party manages to get away from the immediate danger, with Beyonce casting a Black Tentacles spell, and Jacob using a Wind Wall to help cover their retreat.
    • Though they move rapidly westward, they can hear the Theiwar closing in, coming around the back alleys to get at them.
    • They make it to another one of those elevator shafts, and everyone either manages to jump and grab the chains, or just jumps down to the lower level.
    • They run away and douse Beyonce’s light and decide to move slower, being guided by the dwarves.
    • Jador decides to be a human balloon with a rope tied around him, using his boots of Levitation. Yacht holds his tether.
    • In this way, they make it out of Northgate using the ‘First Road’. ‘Roads’ being long, finished tunnels dug into the mountain that connect the different “Warrens” of Thorbardin.
    • Arman tells them they need to pass through the Hall of Guardians, which is the next section of Thorbardin. And that they MUST exit on the lower level. Exiting on the upper level would take them to a Theiwar city and that would be bad news.
    • He also informs them about the different warrens in Thorbardin and the makeup of the Council of Thanes and other such good information. See http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/war-of-the-lance/wikis/current-places, in the section about Thorbardin.
    • As they approach the North Hall of Guardians, he tells them this next section is also under the control of the Theiwar, but is more heavily guarded than Northgate. They will have to keep the lights off the try to move silently.
    • He feels he and his group got lucky sneaking through the first time, and doesn’t know if a group this large will stay as lucky. Especially with some ‘blind’ followers.
    • They somehow manage to ALMOST make it through the Hall without getting caught, but attract unwanted attention on the southern gate out of the Hall of Guardians.
    • Though 20 Theiwar pour out of the Gatehouse to stop them, one good fireball from Beyonce, as well as the group rapidly dropping the captain, cause the rest to flee in terror and get the group free rein to exit through the gate, which they rapidly do.
    • They travel the ‘road’ for a few miles and reach the ‘West Warrens’, a farming community run by the ‘Klar’ clan of dwarves. NOT the ‘The Claw!’, sheesh.
    • The warren is amazing, it’s a 5 mile long cavern with giant crystals in the ceiling that allow enough sunlight in that it almost feels like you are not underground.
    • The farms have animals of varying types, and fields of wheat, corn and mushrooms.
    • As they approach, some of the mushrooms start screaming. And a few moments later, a troop of about 40 Hylar rush up to intercept them.
    • With Arman with them, they are greeted warmly. Arman explains he is taking this group of outsiders to see the Council of Thanes, and they are escorted to the edges of the Klar warren. At this point, everyone needs to sleep so they do so.
    • During the night, all the PC’s have the same dream. They stand in a large open area with a door in front of them. They can hear Elistan behind the door, his voice weak. “I came through the door and cannot come back.. please bring that which I left behind..”
    • All of the party except for Tika and Jador open the door. Tika and Jador’s doors open for them.
    • All find themselves on a large open plain with a beautiful white crystal and silver tower before them in the distance. All their companions are with them.
    • As they approach is become a decrepit stone ruin with 7 arches
    • Pilgrims approach the tower, but when they get close they become draconians. But instead of attacking, they enter the tower.
    • In the tower, after going through a long tunnel, they find themselves in a large door with many hallways out.
    • Most of well lit, and down each are all the party’s heart’s fondest desires. Power, glory, riches.. but one hallway is dark and ‘scary’, and down that hallway lies certain doom.
    • The voice of Elistan comes from down that dark hallway “I went down this hallway and cannot return.. please bring that which I left behind..”
    • At this point, everyone wakes up in a cold sweat. They know something TERRIBLE happened in the dream, but no one can remember what it was.

    Day 8

    • The party is taken to the Hylar city Warren of the Life Tree of Thorbardin. A ½ mile tall stalactite in the center of an underground lake. The stalagtite is probably one of the wonders of Krynn, and is ½ wide at the top.
    • Arman explains that the Council of Thanes meets at the top.
    • They take a cable boat across the lake. The ex-prisoners get off of the elevator on various floors in the stalagtite city, to reunite with their families.
    • At the top, which is also the upper-class section of the city, Arman says he will arrange for a meeting with the Thanes. It will occur tomorrow morning. He puts them up in one of the nicest hotels, and tells them to make themselves at home. Go shopping, see to their needs, and he’ll escort them to the council tomorrow.
    • The party goes shopping.

    Day 9

    • At the council, there are the 6 dwarven Thanes that Arman told them about.
    • Two of the members are assholes (as usual), Raelgar of the Theiwar, and Rance of the Daegar.
    • Arman introduces the party, explains how they assisted him in rescuing Pick and describes the miracle he saw Jador perform.
    • Rance wants to execute the party immediately
    • Raelgar doesn’t want any of them to talk.
    • The party gets their say and make their plea about the dragon army, the refugees, and how they are looking for safety for them.
    • The Jador seems frustrated that guards scattered throughout the hall keep him from trying to intimidate the council.
    • They even show the council the Helm of Grallen.
    • Rance stands up, and in a little rant about how the Humans caused the cataclysm, and the Neidar dwarves (like Yacht) caused the dwarfgate wars, insists that they all be thrown out of Thorbardin immediately.
    • The council says it will deliberate on what to do, and bids them wait.
    • After than hour, Hornfel of the Hylar declares that while it is true that human caused the cataclysm and Neidar caused the war between brothers, it may be time to put aside ancient differences.
    • He says if they can perform a boon for the council, then the council will allow the human refugees to pass through the south side of Thorbardin, safe from the dragon armies that are hounding them.
    • Jador says they want refuge, not passage.
    • They respond, they cannot house so many humans, as they do not have the resources to feed and shelter them. Especially not if a dragon army is on their doorsteps, as the party is claims. The dwarves will have to prepare and steel themselves for war.
    • The council wants to the party to go to the Tomb of Duncan and retrieve the Hammer of Kharas. This hammer is tied up directly with the leadership of the dwarven kingdom. No one can declare themselves High King unless they also can claim the hammer.
    • The Tomb of Duncan, the last High King of the dwarves, is the Valley of Thanes. A valley which is nestled in between the mountain peaks that make up the Tharkkadan mountains and Thorbardin.
    • They party agrees, and Arman insists on coming along as well.
      *They depart immediately.
    • The reach the valley by early afternoon. A cold drizzle starts falling over the valley as they arrive, making everything cold and damp. It is hard to see clearly for any distance, and sound is dampened.
    • In the distance, they can make out a peak which Arman says is the Tomb of Duncan. As they get a little closer they can see that it is a ‘floating’ peak (ala Avatar) with a small city on top of it. It floats over a lake in the middle of the valley.
    • On the way there, as they are passing various tombs and graves, a mummy becons them from one of the tombs, asking if they could come over and speak with him.
    • Jador detects no evil from the mummy, so they move over to talk with him.
    • He explains that his name is ‘Rathgar’ and he has been cursed for a terrible sin he commited when he was living. He cannot rest until 77 men have heard his tale and forgiven him. So far 31 have done so.
    • The party agrees to listen, and so he starts talking. As he starts talking, a large number of skeletons and ghouls rise up and start surrounding the party, but do not attack.
    • It becomes clear that Rathgar is telling his LIFE story, starting from his birth. The party asks if they can just forgive him now, but he says no.. such forgiveness would not count as they do not truly understand his sin until they have heard his entire tale.
    • They ask how long this will take.. he says he can likely finish by morning.
    • The party decides the leave, and the undead attack.
    • Jador turns undead and makes quick work of most of them, with the rest of the party sweeping up those that remain. Rathgar retreats into his tomb.
    • The party manages to make it to the shore of the lake by the end of the day.
    • They can see a small set of ruins on the opposite shore of the lake, several miles around.
    • At their current location, they is an obelisk and a state of Grallen. The obselisk indicates that this is Prince Grallen’s grave.
    • Jador, carrying the Helm of Grallen, hears a voice in his head say “Aaaah.. thank you. My brow has been cold all these long years…”
    • As they place the helm on the statue, it too turns to stone and becomes a part of the statue, which speaks to them.
    • “What you seek is above. Its only entrance is across the lake. Say ‘I mourn for Kharas’ and step through the unbroken arch.”
    The Gates of Thorbardin

    Day 7

    • During the night, much of the party is awakened by Sestun is looking for someone to help Elistan. Elistan is having some kind of severe nightmare and is screaming, and shaking, and rolling, but won’t wake up
    • Jador eventually tries to tend to Elistan, and both of them and their medallions of faith glow.
    • Elistan comes out of then, and looks shaken, even beaten, but says that they should “See the other guy” Apparently, Edwardinaard can’t find the refugees now that they are in the Hopeful value and was trying to get Elistan to tell them where they are.
    • The next morning Elistan, Sestun, Fizban, Eben, Gilthanis, Tika, Ri, Beyonce, Jador, Jacob, and Yacht head south along the river heading for the Gates of Thorbardin
    • It is the end of the day when they reach where the Map indicates they need to go. It is along a narrow 5 foot ledge along the side of the mountain which opens up into a very very deep and misty chasm.
    • After some searching, Tika finds a secret compartment with a silver hand in it and ‘shakes’ the hand.
    • The entire side of the mountain seems to come alive, a enormous circular door starts rotating out of the mountain face like a corkscrew. Much of the party have to scramble to get out of the way or get pushed off the ledge.
    • Jador just activates his boots of levitation and lets the door push him.
    • Gilthanis gets pushed off the ledge, but manages to grab onto the side.
    • Fizban gets pushed off the ledge, and is heard muttering something about “Oh bother..” in a voice that sounds more annoyed than scared as he descends into the mists below.
    • The giant door, apparently built to rest on a ledge that is no longer there, eventually groans and snaps off, falling into the chasm crushing everything underneath it.
    • Gilthanis manages to climb back onto the ledge.
    • As they enter the gates of Thorbarin, Elistan collapses into a catatonic state similar to what happened the night before.
    • Nothing seems to wake him up this time
    • Sestun, with an authoritative voice that is very non-Sestun-y tells the party to go on, and that he will watch over Elistan and tend to him right here. “Elistan is fighting his battle, you need to go fight yours.”
    • The party rests for the night in a guard room near Sestun and Elistan and then enters Thorbardin in the morning.
    • Thorbardin appears dark and abandoned. There are signs of ancient battle near the entryway similar to what was found inside of Skullcap.
    • They mainly use Beyonce’s ‘Daylight’ spell on her staff for light as they explore.
    • After an hour of exploring what looks like a mostly abandoned city, they come through what was obviously a temple of the god Reorx (dwarven god), back in the day.
    • Leaving the temple, they are confronted by a squad of about 12 dwarves, their leader steps forward and demands that the party identity themselves.
    • Yacht gets uppity
    • Beyonce tries to be diplomatic
    • Their leader introduces himself as Arman Kharas, son of Hornfel of the Hylar dwarves and demands to know why the party is here.
    • They tell him about the dragon armies, the refugees, and that they are looking for refuge. They even show him the helmet of Grallen.
    • He listens to them, but then tells them they must leave and he and his group will escort them out.
    • Arman responds to questions about who he is, and where are all the dwarves, and why he is here. In the process he says that this area of Thorbardin, called NorthGate, is mostly abandoned but under the control of the Theiwar (a clan of dwarves that are ‘at war’ with his clan, the Hylar).
    • He is here because the Theiwar captured his half-brother Pick and he’s here to rescue him.
    • The party offers to help, and Arman quickly accepts, apparently happy to get some help. And says if they help him rescue Pick he will take them to the Council of Thanes who can decide about their request. He also offers that when requesting a boon from the dwarven kingdom, they may be well served by a strong helping of humility.
    • He leads the party down an elaborate but non-fully functional lift system where they must jump and grab decending chains down to a lower level.
    • They wind their way towards the Theiwar dungeon and coordinate a 2 pronged attack on the Theiwar captors. Freeing the hostages, including Pick.
    • Jador heals a captor dwarf who looked sick and on the brink of death, making all the Hylar dwarves present totally awed.
    • On their way out, they battle a couple of huge carrion crawlers who were attracted to the sounds of the prior battle with the Theiwar.
    • Yacht winds up making an embarrassing move and getting paralyzed in the battle, which otherwise is pretty straightforward.
    • Arman says they need to move away quickly now before more Theiwar show up, and leads them quickly up and out of this section of Northgate (the part of Thorbardin they are currently in)
    • They move fast, back up to the main level and start crossing a gigantic bridge across a 1 ½ mile long pit in the city called ‘Echo’s Anvil’. This bridge is a part of Thorbardin’s defenses against invasion.
    • In the middle of the bridge they are attacked by a Roper, who seems to be totally owning the party until Jacob turns into a rhinocerous and turns the tide of battle back to the party’s favor.
    • They kill the roper and proceed on their way, Arman starts getting concerned that the light Beyonce is using is going to draw a lot of unwanted attention their way…


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